NTC SMD Thermister   Chip Fuses, Fuses SMD type   High temperature thermal protector
  SMD Thermister, Multi-layer Chip   04CT   04CF   06CT   06CF   12CT   12CF   C01/S01
  Thermister (RCTH series)        C05/S05
  1005    1608    2012       C06/S06
  PTC Motor Protection Sensors   PPTC SMD, Resetable fuse, Polyswitch    Varistor
  SNM    SKM    STM   LTM   FSMD2920      FSMD1812    FSMD1210   S Type  :   7ø  10ø  14ø  20ø
      FSMD1206      FSMD0805   N Type :   7ø  10ø  14ø  20ø
  Battery protector   PPTC, Resetable Fuse, Polyswitch   ChipCap2 Humidity and Temperature Sensor
  Overload and overheat protection for Li-ion   Surface mount type GDT for compact    HVAC Controls, Instrumentation,
  or Ni-Cd, Ni-MH rechargeable battery pack   protector, for electronic appliances,    Medical, Automotive,
  etc.   communication lines, PBX, Telephone/Fax.   Appliances and white goods